About Us

photo by Alun Callender

Ce started The Uncommon Thread in 2010 after knitting for a few years, then discovering Ravelry and becoming thoroughly addicted – particularly with luxury hand-dyed yarns. She loves colours, texture and is passionate about knitting.

Although at the start Ce was dyeing in her home kitchen, we have since grown considerably and now have retailers all around the world.

We are still an artisan company and dye all our yarns lovingly by hand in our studio in Brighton, England. We are still relatively small, but are constantly expanding in order to keep up with the demand for our products.

Among our yarn bases, as well as wool, you’ll also find luxury fibres, such as cashmere, silk and alpaca for your knitting pleasure.

We feel strongly about the environment and aim to minimise the impact we have on it. We simmer the yarns for a long time so that as much dye as possible can bond with the fibres, rather than going down the drain. Our mailing bags are 100% biodegradable. In addition, the farmers who grow our wool do not practice mulesing.

our head dyer, Isabelle


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