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Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needle Tips


Chiaogoo Interchangeable Needle Tips

Ce scoured the earth for the best knitting needles and this is it!

Why we love them
The joins are super smooth, so yarn doesn't snag

You can tighten them with the keys provided so they don't come undone

The metal tips are fast, but not so fast you'll drop stitches

They are just sharp enough, but not so sharp that they split the yarn

As with all Chiaogoo needles, it's all about the cable! You can abuse it all you want and it just goes back to its lovely straight, but flexible state - it has no memory

Please note you'll need the correct cable size to connect to your tips: for 2.75mm (US2) to 5mm (US8) use a small cable, for 5.5mm (US9) to 10mm (US15) use a large cable. 


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